Vendor Enrolment

   For Enrolment the applicant has to :
  • complete the enrolment procedure to start bidding with OFB. This is one time activity.

  • have a Digital signature of class 3 with e-token is mandatory to use.

Steps to process your Enrolment

   3 Step process to complete Enrolment:
    1.Company Information.
    2.Area of Business.
    3.Company Profile.
Pre-requisite documents required for Enrolment

   Scanned copy of following documents will be required:
    1.NSIC/SSI Registration Certificate (If applicable)6.Balance Sheet (Last 3 Years)
    2.DGS&D Registration Certificate (If applicable)7.TAN / PAN Card
    3.DGQA Registration Certificate (If applicable)8.List of Machines and Vintage
    4.Other Defence Departments (If applicable)9.Manufacturing Facilities and Locations
    5.Any Other Ordnance Factories for different Product (If applicable)10.GST Registration Number
    Documents and information submitted by the vendors are subject to verification any time. The enrolment entitles the firm for participation in tendering process only .Capacity verification, if required, will be carried out separately for registration with the factory as per SOP.
New/Existing OFB Vendor
    New Registered (Please click "Registered" if you know your Factory Vendor Code)
    Area of Interest/
    Procurement Type
    Materials, Components and Services
    Plant & Machinery
    Civil Works
Online Enrolment
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