Basic Pre-requisites required for accessing OFB eProcurement Application
Internet Browser, Java and System settings Please do the IE, Java and System settings before using the E-procurement website, Please click here to know more.
Compatible Java set up file Application is best compatible with Java 7 update 65, Please click here to download the Java file.
Disable auto Windows Update OFB users facing problem in accessing "OFB login",uninstall updates and disable auto Windows update. click here to know more.
  Users Manuals and Other Information
Vendor Enrolment For Materials management(MM): Enrolment Help Manual-MM

For Plant and Machinery(PM): Enrolment Help Manual-PM

For Civil Works(CW): Enrolment Help Manual-CW
Bid Submission For Bid Submission process,Please click here to know more.
DSC Change Request For DSC change request process,Please click here to know more.
Vendor Enrolment extension/Reset Password and DSC Expiry Please contact the Concerned factory for Vendor Enrolment extension/Reset Password approval.

After procuring new / renewing old DSC send a DSC change request to concerned factory.
General Information After expiry of DSC, old DSC must be retained to open/view old bids.