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  Digital Signature

Class-3 Signature are issued to individuals, companies and government organizations. They can be used both for personal and commercial purposes. They are typically used for electronic commerce applications such as electronic banking, electronic data interchange (EDI), and membership-based on-line services, where security is a major concern.

The level of trust created by the Digital Certificate is based on the authentication procedures used by the CA to verify your identity and the service guarantees offered by the CA to back up that authentication.

The Issuing Authority uses various procedures to obtain evidence of your identity before issuing you the Class-3 Certificate. During verification, you will also need to be physically present before a Registration Authority (RA), qualified by Certifying Authority due to their neutrality and reliability. These validation procedures provide stronger assurances of an applicant's identity

Use of Legally Valid Class III Digital Signature and USB Token to store the Signature is compulsory as per Indian IT Act 2000 - Amendment 2004.

  List of Licensed CA
  1. Safescrypt

  2. NIC

  3. IDRBT

  4. TCS

  5. MTNL

  6. e-Mudhra

  7. (n)Code Solutions CA (GNFC)

  8. Download Root Certificate